FUJIFILM Superia ZX Thermal Processless Plate

Fujifilm SUPERIA ZX is a processless thermal plate that utilizes 4 new breakthrough technologies pioneered by Fujifilm that provide speed and stability while improving press utilization to reduce startup and makeready waste.

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Why Switch to Processless?

Switching to processless plates has never been easier.  Fujifilm has been at the forefront of printing and plate from its inception. Our latest innovation, Superia ZX Plates, will make the switch even easier.  Remove timely steps, cut costs, all without losing productivity or performance.  That is the Superia ZX Difference.

Higher Durability

ZX has improved durability by using Extreme Adhesive Bonding Technology for longer press runs that allows the user to expand the range of work being done with a processless plate while delivering better stability on press.

Improved Visibility

Fujifilm’s new High Color Generation technology improves the readability and visibility of job contents, job number and other critical markings for prepress and pressroom associates thereby reducing errors and improving production.

Robust Scratch-Resistance

Processless Gumming Technology treats the aluminum surface to significantly reduce the risk of handling scratches and the resulting scratch ink stain. A key time savings feature endorsed by press operators.

Fast Output

ZX is designed with Print Control Layer Technology to provide speed and stability. The result is faster, more stable press startups to save time & reduce waste while improving press utilization.


Technical specification

Run length*1

up to 200,000 impressions

Run length*1
(UV ink)

up to 100,000 impressions


1%-99% @ 200 lpi
20 micron FM supported
300 line Co-Res supported


100-150 mJ/cm2 (Recommended 110 mJ/cm2)

Spectral sensitivity

IR LD 830nm (800-840nm)

Safe light

White light @ 800 Lux – 1hr

Latent image*4

One week

Plate storage

<25ºC (77ºF)