A positive-working, no-bake thermal plate, Fujifilm’s SUPERIA LH-PJ dramatically improves on press performance, while simultaneously providing excellent durability. By employing a proprietary MultiGrain surface structure, the LH-PJ plate provides exceptional ink/water balance, giving sharper, cleaner and fast drying sheets; faster makereadies; quicker restarts and potential for reduced ink usage. In short, it’s all about faster press approvals, less waste and cost savings.

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Fujifilm’s LH-PJ plate is designed to work with a revolutionary intelligent “ZAC” enabled processing technology, which greatly improves plate production speed and consistency and eliminates overreplenishment in controlling process activity. With the FLH-Z processor, LH-PJ plates are always processed under optimal conditions.

Fujifilm is committed to continuous improvement in helping increase prepress and press productivity and the SUPERIA LH-PJ plate is built upon the tradition of excellence Fujifilm has established over many years in producing plates for the graphic arts industry.

  • MultiGrain surface structure for optimum ink/water balance
  • Medium run length (up to 300,000 impressions)
  • No baking required
  • 10 micron stochastic certified (depending on the platesetter and screening used)
  • Excellent UV printing capability
  • 1-99% @ 200 lpi conventional and 300 lpi FM and hybrid screening technologies
  • Elimination of frequent CTP calibration
  • No ablation debris