CRON G+ Series Thermal CTP

The G+ Thermal is an updated and enhanced version of CRON’s popular model G, benefitting from the addition of automation features, improved stability and increased flexibility to add on autoloaders, punching and multi-direction transport bridges. High-resolution dot reproduction ensures superior imaging as well as reduced waste, while the low level of maintenance means the G+ series is the most cost-effective CTP available today.


G+ series models feature the latest generation lasers and liquid cooling to ensure maximum reliability with fast throughput. The units can be operated as a manual load or combined with an automatic plate loader with a capacity of up to 500 plates, providing a fast and convenient flow of plates for the majority of printing applications from A3 to VLF.

The G+ series models are compatible with all CRON Autoloaders and Bridges, and can also be fitted with optional integrated internal punching and optional external punching provided by the CRON multi-directional bridge (BGP) enabling straight or ‘L’ shape system configurations saving space and reducing processor costs.