Screen Platerite 4300E/S CTP

Dainippon Screen’s thermal Computer-to-Plate (CtP) solutions are unbeatable for their quality, accuracy, and reliability. They consistently output plates with a dot sharpness and registration accuracy that enable superior process control and fast makeready times. They also offer the benefits of easy daylight handling and exceptional production efficiency for both short and long runs.

Screen’s PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E are specially designed to provide optimal versatility in plate production for 4-page and 2-page presses. The PlateRite 4300S is a high-speed model that can comfortably and consistently output up to 21 plates per hour when working with 724 x 615 mm (28.5″ x 24.2″) plates at 2400 dpi. The PlateRite 4300E is an affordable entry-level solution that offers the same high-quality features as the PlateRite 4300S, and provides output at up to 11 plates per hour. Both models have a proven external-drum design and come with the option of inline punching blocks to help ensure perfect on-press register and faster makeready times. The choice has never been easier for making the move to high-quality thermal CtP.


Support for a wide range of plate sizes

The PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E can handle the plate requirements of new larger-format 4-page presses. Both support a maximum plate size of 830 x 660 mm (32.6″ x 25.9″), and are also capable of supporting some of the smaller 2-page presses with a minimum plate size of 324 x 370 mm (12.8″ x 14.6″)*. The PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E offer an unbeatably flexible and reliable solution for fast output of a wide variety of plate sizes.

Auto-balance for different plate sizes

Auto-balance lets you use different sized plates without making any manual adjustments for correct drum balance. All you do is select the type of plate you want to use and the PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E automatically make the necessary adjustments to create perfect drum balance for each plate size. The PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E also feature separate loading and unloading bays, so that one plate can be readied for loading while another is being exposed.

Bring out the ideal CtP environment with a simple upgrade

For the ideal environment for your increased productivity needs, you can upgrade your PlateRite 4300E to the PlateRite 4300S* by simply exchanging parts required for the PlateRite 4300E. This reduces wasted expenses and improves the operational efficiency of your platesetter.

Automatic inline punch

Screen’s automatic inline punching system is the industry leader for enabling perfect register on press. It does this by performing two types of punching (for press and platesetter registration) at the same time, immediately before mounting the plate on the drum. This method gives much greater registration accuracy compared with either manual or off-line punching, eliminates human error and achieves faster press makeready. Punch blocks from Heidelberg, Komori, Bacher, Protocol, Stoesser, Grapho Metronic and Screen are available, covering the full range of sizes for all major press types. Up to four punch blocks can be mounted and selected according to plate size and press type.

Autoloader options

The PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E can be configured for efficient automatic operation with Screen’s optional autoloaders, which are acclaimed in the market for their reliability and precision. Both the PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E can be paired with the SA-L4300II single-cassette autoloader. This high-quality unit can hold up to 100 plates and automatically removes interleaf paper before loading each plate. It is also possible to upgrade from the SA-L 4300II to the MA-L 4300II multi-cassette autoloader, which comes standard with three cassettes and enables up to 300 plates of three different sizes to be loaded and imaged in the PlateRite 4300S without operator intervention. Both the PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E are supported by an automatic processor bridge, which extends process automation all the way through to the plate processor.