Mimaki CJV300 Plus Series

The CJV300 Plus Series are new model products standing as successor of “CJV300 Series”. Environmental consideration, economic performance, and work efficiency have been added as “Plus” features as well as high function.



Adoption of environmental-friendly ink cartridge

The “Mimaki Eco-cartridge”, is a reusable environmental-friendly designed ink cartridge adopted to “JV/CJV300 Plus”, which customers can replace a 600ml ink pack by themselves.

As there has been increased interest in “environmental value” at industrial sites in recent years, we also promote more environmental-friendly product development under such a concept as “Mimaki Green Technology”.

In the signage market, UCJV300 uses our UV curable ink, released in 2017, which hardly generates VOCs (*4) and are environmentally friendly.”JV300 Plus” and “CJV300 Plus”, which are equipped with environmental-friendly solvent ink that we will start selling, also adopt the environmental-friendly cartridge system that can decrease usage quantity of plastic materials, as our approach to less environmental impact.
*4: VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

600ml "Eco-cartridge"

600ml “Eco-cartridge”

Mimaki Green Technology

ID Cut function which is provided with our products makes labor-saving process and efficient printing & cutting operations possible

A new function “ID Cut function” that enables continuous cutting operation to be performed automatically is adopted. The “ID Cut function” is the function that automatically scans printed-out register marks with ID, then reads and cuts cut data. While any operators scanned register marks and specified cut data for each cutting job in the past, use of the “ID Cut” function is now made possible to perform unmanned and continuous cutting operations, and operators can proceed with another operation simultaneously when the machine is performing the cutting operation.

ID Cut function

JV300 Plus can use ID cut function in combination with optionally available CG-FXII Plus

JV300 Plus is capable of using ID Cut by means of the CG-FXII Plus after printing out data provided with ID.

JV300 Plus can use ID cut function in combination with optionally available CG-FXII Plus

Support for Ethernet connection implements free and efficient work environment

Ethernet connection

To the conventional connection method to PC for RIP, Ethernet connection has newly been added. Unlike the conventional USB connection, connection via Ethernet can be established via network cable, and thus connection to a printer from any PC within network is now available. More free and efficient work environment can be put in place, by editing data using any PC in your design room, then sending print data directly to a printer in your printing place, for example.

“MAPS4”, a new image quality control technology, to support Ethernet connection

In ordinary textile printers, the straight pass boundaries often result in bandings and discoloration due to slight misalignment. The “MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4)” functionality provides gradation to printed pass boundaries and reduces banding and uneven color, achieving a beautiful printing result.

MAPS: Turned ON

MAPS: Turned ON
Because printing pass boundaries are faded in gradation, a beautiful image quality is ensured by reducing banding and uneven color.


MAPS: Turned OFF

MAPS: Turned OFF
Banding occurs at pass boundaries. Image quality is damaged seriously because horizontal streaks and uneven color printing are brought about.

Adoption of newly designed winding mechanism

Through renewal of the older winding mechanism, stability of media conveyance has been improved, and thus the maximum loadable media weight has changed from 40kg to 45kg. Also, it is provided with such a function as standard that prevents edge-surface meandering when any media are wound up, realizing stable and high-quality winding.