Mimaki announces the release of of Eco-solvent inkjet printers, JV330-130/160 and CJV330-130/160


Nagano, Japan, February 24, 2022

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tohmi-shi, Nagano Pref.; President: Kazuaki Ikeda), specializing in industrial inkjet printers, cutting plotters and 3D printers, delivers an announcement of the simultaneous worldwide release of large format inkjet printers, “330 Series”.

Since the world’s first eco-solvent inkjet printer, “JV3-130S/160” was introduced to the market in 2002, we have been leading the industry by introducing printers with new values, always focusing on “Something New, Something Different” to meet customers’ needs for high image quality and quick delivery.

With the catch copy, “Give your creativity a Glow up”, in pursuit of new value, we designed and developed the casing of these products from the ground up, with bringing together the technological expertise we have accumulated over the past 20 years for the newly announcing “JV330-130/160” and “CJV330-130/160” of large format inkjet printer. And the “330 Series” will make an appearance in the market as new models bearing the “3”, which has been really loved from the customers engaged in sign graphic industry.

JV330-130/-160 and CJV330-130/-160 are added to the line-up of the entry model “100 Series” and the standard model “300 Series” as middle and high-end models to meet the needs of customers.
In addition to its impressive image quality and high productivity, the high value-added functions are mounted to assist customers in saving work and labor.

The 330 Series have newly the “Mimaki Weaving Dot Technology (MWDT)”, a printing technology that changes the order of ink droplet placement depending on the printing conditions.
It suppresses unexpected occurrence of streaks or unevenness of printing caused by slight individual differences in the print head or subtle deviations in adjustment.

We have also released a new input profile “Deep Color Natural”, a standard format for color management.
It makes full use of the wide color gamut of the market-proven “SS21”, our eco-solvent ink and reproduces fully vivid solid color*1 expression, natural gray tone, and natural skin tone, which were difficult to coexist in the past.

Printing speed is 21.0m2/h in standard mode with 4 color (C, M, Y, K), and 13.2m2/h with 8 colors (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Lk, Or), of high productivity. As befits our flagship model, it promotes work efficiency with high image quality and high productivity.

The “XY slitter” and the “Media changer” are two high value-added functions that assist in your saving work and labor. The XY slitter has an in-line function that cuts all sides of the media after printing, enabling automatic slit processing without the need of taking-out media. This will significantly shorten the post-process work and reduce the space required for the cutting work that used to be done manually.
And the Media Changer accommodates up to three rolls of media to be able to change by simply turning the handle with light force. The Media changer reduces the time and effort required to change media, contributing to a more efficient work environment.
In addition, these new models are compatible with “Mimaki Remote Access (MRA)”, which allows you to remotely operate the machine and check its operation status from your smart phone*2 or PC, if inside a LAN environment of the same segment. Operation of the printer without worry even from a remote location provides you with a desirable work environment.

As the other new mechanism, there are an ink supply unit that enables agitation of large-capacity 2L ink packs without removing them from the unit, and the drive motor, which was conventionally mounted on only one side, is now mounted on both the left and right sides of the media winder for more stable winding. These new designs ensure uninterrupted long-hour operation.

Furthermore, Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 (MAPS4)*3, Nozzle Check Unit (NCU)*4, Nozzle Recovery System (NRS)*5, and Dot Adjustment System (DAS)*6 have inherited our printing functions for supporting a stable operation.
Focusing large indoor and outdoor signage and graphic market, the new models are equipped with “JV330 Series” only for printing function and “CJV330 Series” having print & cut functions each with the lineup of -130 (maximum media width of 1,361 mm) and -160 (maximum media width of 1,610 mm) to be released in April 2022.

With “Something New, Something Different” as our management vision, Mimaki Engineering will continue to pursue new technological innovations constantly and to realize the “beauty and speed” that our customers demand.

*1 To fill in evenly with one color
*2 Supports iPhone. Android to be supported later.
*3 MAPS4: A function that reduces banding (horizontal stripes), color irregularities, and glossy stripes by printing path boundaries in a gradation style.
*4 NCU: A function that automatically detects the status of nozzles with a sensor and automatically cleans nozzles when a nozzle is found to be missing.
*5 NRS: When there is a nozzle problem that cannot be solved by nozzle cleaning, the defective nozzle is automatically replaced by another nozzle to continue printing with stable image quality.
*6 DAS: A function that automates dot position correction and feed amount correction, which were previously performed manually.



  • Realizing high graphics with high image quality and definition
  • Adaptable to work requiring quick delivery by a high printing speed
  • “XY slitter” capable of reducing post-process work by X-axis & Y-axis sheet-fed cut
  • “Media Changer”, to which up to three pieces of media are attachable, makes media replacement easier.
  • “Mimaki Remote Access (MRA)” enables wireless printer operations