Agfa C125 Clean-Out Unit – Refurbished

Agfa’s well-known Azura C95 and C125 are specifically designed for Azura TS plates of up to 95 and 125 cm wide. You either install them on a stand-alone basis, or connect them online with the plate setter (through an L-shaped or straight conveyor). They work perfectly in daylight and at room temperature.

These clean-out units can deal with up to 15,000 m² of plates a year, while only needing 20 l of water for each 300 m2 of plates. As the main ingredient of the gum solution, the water circulates in a closed loop, saving on water costs.


Plates Azura TS, Azura TU
Plate type Chemistry-free thermal offset plates
Plate width, min.-max. 200-1250 mm (7.9-49.0”)
Plate length, min. 310 mm (11.8”)
Plate thickness, min.-max. 0.15–0.30 mm (0.006-0.012”)
Platesetters (Agfa) Avalon N8, N16
Plate speed 60 cm/min (23.6”/min, fixed)
Plate throughput
  • 37 plates/h (landscape 745 x 605 mm)
  • 26 plates/h (portrait 1030 x 790 mm)
Plate volume Up to 10,000 m²/year
Brush speed 150 rpm (fixed)
Mechanical specifications
Dryer temperature 55°C (131°F, not adjustable)
Noise emission – Max. < 70 dB
Physical specifications
Dimensions (width, length, height) 1820 x 2050 x 1050-1200 mm (71.6 x 81 x 41.3-47.2”)
Crate dimensions (width, length, height) 1940 x 790 x 1380 mm (76 x 31 x 54”)
Uncrated weight 210 kg (463 lb)
Crated weight 310 kg (683 lb)
Electrical specifications
EUR Single phase 1W + N + PE 230V / 6 Amps, 50/60Hz
US Single phase 2W + PE 208 – 230V / 6 Amps, 50/60Hz
Power consumption EUR/US 1350 Watt-hour