CRON G Series Thermal CTP

The G series Thermal CTP plate setters provide the perfect answer to print flexibility. The next-generation laser platform combined with liquid-cooling technology, ensures enhanced consistency, ease of use and serviceability. Together with patented plate handling technology, the G series models offer maximum reliability with fast throughput.


The G 36 models can accommodate a wide flexibility of plate formats, providing adaptability for any print job from A4 to A1, with ample space for register and trim marks as well as colour bars. The 36 series can accommodate autoloaders with up to 3 cassettes of 50 plates, and can be used with CRON plate transport bridges with optional punching. With a processing capability of more than 50 plates per hour, 3696 models can keep several different format presses fed with work, optimising press utilisation, flexibility and overall productivity.

G 72 large format Thermal platesetters are designed for commercial web offset applications and large format sheetfed presses for poster and carton work. An extremely reliable plate handling system completes the G Series package with efficient and smooth load/unload operation to ensure optimum throughput of more than 20 plates per hour for the larger format machine. The 72 series can accommodate a single cassette autoloader for up to 100 plates.

Optional plate feeders and handling systems are available to further automate and streamline production.