FUJIFILM Superia ZD / ZDN Thermal Processless Plate

Fujifilm’s next generation processless plate is ready to advance your commercial offset production to new levels of efficiency. With excellent robustness, Superia ZD delivers high run lengths and consistent quality. It is also UV ink compatible.

  • Exceptional durability
  • Up to 200,000 impressions, Up to 100,000 impressions UV
  • 1-99% at 200 lpi „„
  • Suitable for high quality print applications, including 20μm FM screening, with consistent quality through the run
  • Suitable for use with UV inks
  • Eliminates processor, chemistry, gum and water in conventional
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Runs longer than any other processless plate

Superia ZD is engineered for robustness and durability, delivering a run of 150,000 with one set of plates. That means you can handle longer runs with less plate remakes and press downtime.

Consistent high quality throughout the run

Because Superia ZD is more robust, shorter run jobs will look better too, with consistent image quality from the first to last print. Print quality is exceptional – with a specification of 1-99% resolution and 20 µm FM screening, Superia ZD does not require any processing or finishing involving chemistry or gum, so the stability and consistency is actually better than a traditionally processed plate.

Great performance with UV presses

Physical robustness is not the only strength of Superia ZD, it also has excellent solvent resistance so can be used with conventional and new generation UV inks.

Better scratch resistance

Fujifilm’s processless plate technology features a number of high performance multi-layer coatings. In previous generations of processless, handling without care could sometimes damage the coatings, but Superia ZD is less sensitive to scratching.

The most efficient way to make plates

Superia ZD can maximise the efficiency of your offset plate production. It is maintenance-free and needs no processor, chemistry, gum or water. It also represents the fastest route from platesetter to press – simply image and mount directly on press. With the same productivity as any other high performance plate, it can improve your costs, reduce labour, speed up production and enhance your environmental footprint.