MGI Meteor DP8700 XL

The most versatile digital press in the global graphics market, the Meteor DP8700 XL offers users the widest range of substrates available (paper, plastics & envelopes), the largest cut sheet size (up to 102 cm / 40″ in production), laser-safe prints, no click charge and an economical total cost of operation, plus offset-comparable output quality.

The Meteor series of digital presses is becoming the solution of choice for graphics professionals in a wide range of industry segments, including commercial printers, plastic card manufacturers, in-plants, book printers, photo printers, governments and envelope printers, among others.

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As the printer’s margins are getting smaller by the day due to the competition slashing their selling prices, we saw an opportunity to offer the graphic arts professional the ability to compete on six different high margin market segments in addition where they could expand their product offering to increase their bottom line: Papers,Plastics/Synthetics, Envelopes, Super Format Printing, Laser-safe Letterhead/Envelopes, and the Offset Overprinting & Personalization.

Whether you are creating tri-fold brochures (650mm/26 inches), quad-fold documents (1020mm/40 inches), 4-color personalized envelopes, letterhead, PVC cards, or simply adding variable data to your already printed offset jobs, we allow you to bring in the maximum amount of applications to your customers and deliver them in high quality, 3600 DPI resolution. Bring differentiation in house, all for a very attractive total cost of ownership and production.

Stunning print quality

The Meteor DP8700 XL’s stunning 3600 dpi/270 lpi print resolution pushes the boundaries of digital technology and allows you to produce brilliant prints of the highest quality.

With 25 regular and stochastic line screen choices, you have the flexibility to pick the ideal option for any job, be it photos, text or others. In addition, you can choose up to 2 different line screens per print job (1 for text, 1 for photos, etc), ensuring your entire document prints at optimum quality.

The widest range of substrates available

It’s simple. The more substrates you can print on = the more applications you can offer. The more applications you can offer, the more profits you can generate. This is especially true when looking at high margin markets your Meteor digital press can open up for your business, such as personalized plastic card production, point of sales materials, advertising/direct mail, static cling, vinyl sticker production, Identification bracelets, photobooks, envelopes, signage and much more…

Super Format printing (1020 mm / 40 inches)

A format once reserved solely for the offset world, the Meteor series can print sheets up to 1020mm (40″) in length – the ONLY sheetfed production digital press with this capability. So if your customer wants a short run of gate-folded brochures with 8 4/4 A4/letter pages on one sheet, they no longer need to print a minimum quantity or pay setup costs for a 72 x 105 offset press.

Print personalized banners, calendars, panoramic photographs, brochures, signage and more, all on-demand and in quantities as little as one.

Envelope printing

Envelope production can be an instant game changer for your business. Whether you are printing high quality 4C logos on stationary (supplementing an offset run), or printing variable data for direct mail applications, the Meteor series can bring in serious profits for your business. Go from the typical DL envelope all the way to the C4 envelope, with or without windows, all on demand.

Even more importantly, because MGI does not follow the click charge model, your cost of production is directly related to your toner coverage, which means your cost to produce envelopes will be incredibly low.

Precise registration

MGI addressed this issue by integrating an automated offset feeder table, which provides the most precise registration in the market today (up to +/-0.2mm page to page registration). We even integrated a light table onto the Meteor series for crop mark registration verification, thus taking what was once perceived as the Achilles Heel of digital printing and turning it into one of our strengths.

Standard offset media

You’ve been challenged by the cost of the special “digital” papers you were being forced to use. Thanks to our IR pre-conditioning system and our intelligent fuser management, you can print digitally on the same substrates that you are currently printing with your offset press today, meaning no separate “digital” stock in your warehouse – resulting in significant savings in your paper budget.

Laser-safe prints

MGI’s toners are oil-free and silicone-free, which means that they are also laser-safe – the only production digital press with this capability. Laser-safe prints won’t smudge or ghost when run through any standard desktop laser printer- so your customers can enjoy full color letterhead and envelopes, even in the shortest runs.

No click charge

We listened when printers worldwide told us they thought that the click charges were unfair, and we agree 100%. We operate on a model that is similar to that of an offset press, allowing for tremendous production cost savings and no stressful monthly minimums or overage charges. You pay for what you print, it’s that simple.

Easy to use

No rocket scientist required.

While it should be emphasized that the Meteor series are not push button presses, your operators will quickly understand how the press works, both inside and out, as it is relatively easy to use. Whether your operator comes from an offset press background or a pre-press background, MGI’s team of engineers will teach your operator everything he or she needs to know about how to manipulate colors, substrates, formats and more.


Never be down without support again with MGI’s technical support system.

MGI’s remote diagnostic tools in conjunction with a webcam (standard with all Meteor models) allow MGI certified technicians to remotely support your press and walk your operator through most maintenance procedures. In addition, every Meteor digital press comes with a interactive video that shows, step by step, how to perform from the easiest to the most difficult of procedures. If you need a site visit, MGI’s worldwide network of certified technicians are only a phone call away.