ECRM MAKO 4matic

The MAKO 4matic is an automated, full-featured 4-page CTP solution developed for commercial printers that demand high quality output while maintaining a cost-effective operation. It provides a simple and easy transition to CTP production with no compromise on quality, reliability or productivity – the ideal replacement for aging imagesetter technology.


  • Accommodates the widest range of 2, 4, and 6 page presses.
  • Delivers in excess of 20 Speedmaster 74 plates per hour at 2400 dpi.
  • Accommodates any plate size between 384mm x 290mm (15.15″ x 11.4″) to 635mm x 927mm (25″ x 36.5″), providing generous space for oversized jobs such as 6-page gatefolds.
  • Optional automated in-line press notch punching. Can accommodate either Bacher support (220mm and 425mm) or Komori support (550cm) or both. Can also include custom press notch configurations.
  • Operates in normal daylight conditions
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain. Uses standard power outlets and easily integrates into existing workflows through 1-bit TIFF compatibility.
  • No hidden extras – our online conveyor is standard on all MAKO CTP, allowing for a direct connection to the processor at no extra cost.
  • Features a straight-through plate path with no complex load/unload cycle.
  • ECRM’s patented FleXarm slip sheet removal system makes automation a realistic possibility for smaller and medium-sized printers.
  • Basic electricity requirements and quick installation – no dedicated power line needed. Low energy consumption, draws the same energy as a PC.
  • Simple and intuitive operator interface makes training easy for everyone.