The MAKO 400 is the latest evolution in the MAKO CTP family, and one of the first Violet CTP devices in the world to offer commercial printers a clear path to chemistry-free technology. The MAKO 400 represents ECRM’s highest quality imaging output with resolution sets from 1200 – 3556 dpi, and is one of the fastest 4-page CTP units in its class, imaging over 24 Speedmaster 74 plates per hour at 2400 dpi.


  • Utilizing the latest Gen4 violet laser technology our future-proof design allows a smooth transition to violet chemistry-free plate technology.
  • The MAKO 400 employs an auto-pinch/auto-image feature for true hands-free operation after initial plate positioning.
  • ECRM’s versatile platesetter technology provides ultimate format flexibility that’s ideal for multi-press sites.
  • Expanded format capability images from 228mm x 252mm (8.9″ x 9.9″) to 660mm x 960mm (26.0″ x 37.8″).
  • Flexible – ECRM’s patented press registration pin bars allow for both edge and notch registration, matching a wider range of press requirements.
  • No hidden extras – our online conveyor is standard on all MAKO CTP, allowing for a direct connection to the processor at no extra cost.
  • Uses a straight-through plate path for easy operation and automated delivery to the processor.
  • Bundled with CtServer Professional – ECRM’s enhanced 1-bit TIFF server. Our open-ended software system accepts 1-bit TIFF files – choose the solutions you want. ECRM is here to help.
  • Simple and intuitive operator interface makes training easy.
  • Basic electricity requirements and quick installation – no dedicated power line needed. Low energy consumption, draws the same energy as a PC.

Plate Sizes
Maximum 660mm x 960mm (26.0” x 37.8”)
Minimum: 228mm x 252mm (8.9” x 9.9”)

Plate Thickness
0.14mm to 0.35mm (0.0055” to 0.014”)

Media Types 
Violet-sensitive photopolymer and silver halide metal plates.
See media specifications for safe-light information.

Recording Source
120 mw violet laser diode (405 nm)

Seven resolutions from 1200 to 3556 dpi (472 to 1400 dpcm)
Resolutions include; 1200, 1270, 1800, 2400, 2540, 3048, and 3556 dpi

Maximum Line Screen
Up to 200 lpi (78.7 lpcm). Media dependent

0.025mm (0.001”) typical
May vary according to media type and processing conditions

Online: The plate transport automatically moves the plate into the processor.

Power: 100 – 240 Volts; 3 Amps; 250 watts maximum; 50/60Hz, single phase. Heat Dissipation: 850 BTU/hour

USB 2.0 High Speed. 3 meter host cable provided.  

Operating Conditions
62 – 86o F (17 – 30o C); relative humidity 45 – 65%, non-condensing. Relative humidity outside of this range may affect performance. Operating conditions outside plate media specifications may affect performance.

145.5 kg  (320 lbs.)

Footprint dimensions
Width: 96.5cm (38.0”)    Length: 185.4cm (73.0”)    Height: 188.0cm (74.0”)